About Deanna Way


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The facts. 

I began shooting weddings during the pandemic year of 2020. I never expected to become a wedding photographer but I'm so happy the opportunity came around. Things happen for a reason, amirite?

I'm a self-taught photographer with a flair for colour and light. Since 2020, I have shot well over 60 weddings/engagements and counting. 

When I'm not shooting with my own couples, you'll find me 2nd shooting alongside Tracy Grace of Grace & Gold Studios

I have a 9-5 day job. Yep. Mon-Fri I'm the Executive Director of Quinte Museum of Natural History and I love it! I also love shooting weddings. I have an abundance of gratitude to be able to pursue both passions. If you're curious about my resume, feel free to creep my LinkedIn.   

I am a former fossil preparator - I used to clean, repair, and conserve dinosaur fossils for a living! It was a really cool job and it's what led me to running the Quinte Museum.

Because I have a day job and because I value being there for my clients by providing a quality experience, I only accept a small number of wedding commissions per year.  

I love all animals but deep down, I'm a cat-person. I have 3 cats; Sneakers, Moscow, and Gimlet. They are my favourite trio and I love them ever so much. 

A glass of red wine in the evening is a lifestyle. I'll never say no to shawarma or poutine. If left unchecked, I will eat my weight in Cadbury mini eggs.