About Me

I'm a modern day flower child with a love for good people, good food, & good music.

My soul is silly and my heart is big. I'm a deep thinker with a free spirit. I enjoy learning and growing. I do my best to embrace change when it comes my way. 

I am the caretaker of a sassy old cat named Mr. Sneakers.
We split our time between living in Quinte West and our off-grid cottage in Central Frontenac.

A glass of Australian shiraz in the evening is my lifestyle. I'll never say no to pizza or shawarma. If left unchecked, I will eat my weight in Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

Welcome, Welcome!

My name is Deanna. My friends call me D.

To me, documenting these moments creates tokens to return to: visual reminders of where you’ve been, the moments you’ve enjoyed, and who you enjoyed them with. 

My style is all about authenticity & emotion by documenting your day as it unfolds. I live for the endless pursuit of capturing those special moments and the feelings that go with them. I'm passionate about highlighting delicate, intimate moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. Be it a smirk, a glance, a laugh, a gesture - I love the subtleties of being human!

I want you to look back on your photos and be transported back in time: to feel what you felt and to experience those memories all over again. 

I appreciate all moments, no matter how big or how small.

I have always been an advocate for preserving memories.

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