You're getting married!

If you've made it this far chances are you're searching for a photographer that will capture your love story perfectly.

 Let me say right now that I am truly honoured for your consideration!

In the words of my mother, “You’re part of the furniture now.” That means when you book with me you become part of the family. I’m invested creatively and emotionally into you + your partner’s wedding day in order to highlight those moments that matter most.

My photo style is guided by observation and emotional intuitiveness. My specialty is in highlighting candid moments but I know when to jump in and guide the moment to capture the magic. I do this through posing and prompts that will get you + your partner moving, laughing and celebrating in a way that feels comfortable and natural. 

My focus goes beyond what the day actually looked like. I take particular care in showing you how the day felt – think of me like your personal Memory Curator.  

This day is about you + your partner celebrating with loved ones. Enjoy your party. Don't stress, be wild, and most importantly be yourselves!  Trust me, I got you, 100%.  




I’m here for you every step of the way. 

What you can expect

Are we a match?

My biggest piece of advice for couples is to invest in the photographer that you feel the most connected with - both personally and artistically. 

A large chunk of your wedding day will be spent with your photographer. So investing in someone you connect and get along with should be your priority - after all, your wedding is about YOU & YOURS. 

When you invest in me

I invest in You!