Best 5 Prince Edward County & Bay of Quinte Florists for your Wedding Day


Between the Bay of Quinte region and Prince Edward County, we are so lucky to have a number of local flower farms and small businesses connecting farmers and florists. For those on the fence about choosing real or fake flowers, let me tell you that there is an insane amount of floral creativity out here and it’s absolutely worth the investment. It can be an overwhelming task to find a florist that fits your vibe but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

I fully admit: I’m a floral girly at heart and I will always encourage my couples to opt for real flowers over fake. I have several reasons for this, listed below. On a personal note, I have been working as a photographer in the wedding industry for over 4 years now and one of the (many) things I look forward to is seeing and photographing are the bouquets and floral arrangements. Gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements never fail to put a huge smile on my face.


Choosing real flowers over fake ones for your wedding day is a decision that can significantly enhance the overall aesthetics and atmosphere of your special day. Real flowers offer a sense of authenticity and natural beauty that simply cannot be replicated by artificial alternatives. Whether you choose to hire a florist or DIY your wedding florals, here are some compelling reasons why choosing real flowers are better for your wedding day:

Photogenic Beauty: Real flowers possess a unique, organic charm that is unmatched in photographs. Their vibrant colors, delicate petals, and natural fragrance can elevate the visual aesthetics of your wedding pictures significantly.

Unique Personal Touch: Your florals can be chosen to reflect your personality, style, and the theme of your wedding. You can select specific blooms that hold sentimental value or carry a special meaning to you and your partner. Customizing your flower arrangements allows you to infuse your personality into your wedding décor that fake flowers simply cannot replicate.

Seasonal Availability: Real flowers are subject to seasonal availability, which means that certain blooms may be more affordable during their peak seasons. Additionally, local and in-season flowers can often be less expensive than imported or out-of-season varieties. By selecting flowers that are in abundance at the time of your wedding, you can take advantage of cost-effective options without compromising on quality.

Environmentally Friendly: Opting for real flowers can also be an eco-conscious choice. Many great florists use sustainable farming practices and locally sourced blooms, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting fake flowers from overseas factories. After the wedding, you can choose to preserve, compost or donate your real flowers, minimizing waste.

Preserving Memories: You can press and frame a few petals from your bouquet or use them to create handmade keepsakes, such as jewelry or resin paperweights. Additionally, you can consider preserving your bouquet through professional techniques like freeze-drying or pressing to create a lasting memento of your special day.

Competitive Pricing: While it’s a common misconception that fake flowers are a more cost-effective option, the quality of artificial flowers varies significantly, and high-quality silk or artificial flowers can be surprisingly expensive. When you aim to purchase realistic-looking fake flowers that mimic the appearance and texture of real blooms, the cost can add up quickly. On the other hand, real flowers come in a wide range of price points, allowing you to choose varieties that fit your budget while maintaining the authenticity and beauty you desire for your wedding.

Have you convinced? Amazing! Now let’s check out whose doing florals the best!

The top 5 best florists that service the Bay of Quinte and Prince Edward County:

Dahlia Thalia // @bydahliathalia

Photo by Deanna Way Photography

Designs by Alexis Rose // @designsbyalexisrose

Photo by Deanna Way Photography

Bloomocity Floral // @bloomocity_floral

Photo by Deanna Way Photography

Liv Simple Farms // @livsimplefarms

Photo by Deanna Way Photography

AM Floral Studio // @amflorals *based in Ottawa*

Photo by Deanna Way Photography